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Steampunk 101: Home

Getting started with Steampunk!


a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring steam-powered technology and set in a 19th century society or a similar setting in an alternate world.

Take a look around the other pages on this guide to learn more about Steampunk and find resources to help you explore the genre further!


Consider these starting points for doing more research on your own:

The Steampunk fiction page at WorldCat Genres,, where you can find lists of authors, books, movies and television shows within the Steampunk genre, as well as separate pages on related topics. Although this site is no longer being updated past March 2018, it can still serve as a good place to find more Steampunk novels and resources.

Searching for Steampunk in online databses can return a great deal of scholarly research:


In this video from Open Road Media, several authors give their own take on what Steampunk means to them.