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Religious Literacy: Home

On the topic of “religious literacy,” broadly defined as an understanding of the myriad ways in which religion is ingrained into our culture and society and as a tool to counter prejudices and misunderstandings.

Religious Literacy

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Welcome to my LibGuide on Religious Literacy, broadly defined as an understanding and acceptance of disparately developed, but currently co-existing religious cultural practices and beliefs. Religion, like every other aspect of our internal and external lives nowadays, is deeply intertwined with socio-political issues. Religious Literacy can be defined as an understanding of this entanglement. Religious Literacy is a hot topic in Religious Studies departments across the U.S. now as the discipline embraces the intersection of the study of religion with anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and of course, social justice. 

I have broken this LibGuide down into several sections,  from essential books on the theory and history of the study of religion (inclduing brief descriptions of said books) to short educational videos that provide an overview of the topic. This LibGuide's intended audience is students in a first-year introductory course on the theory of religion, or anyone new to the topic who is interested in doing the work of educating themselves on their neighbors' lives and cultures.