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A Guide to Your First Tattoo: Home

Do you think you are ready for your first tattoo? This guide is an insight into the world of tattoos, helping one prepare for the permanent commitment.

Are you interested in tattoos?  Have you seen them on people and been curious about getting one yourself?  Well then this guide is for you.  Here you will learn the history of the art and profession and some of the reasons behind why people choose to "get inked."  We will also go into how to find a tattoo artist, how to take care of your new tattoo, and medical issues that may arise.  Hopefully this guide will help you to understand what is right for you and your body. 

Are You Old Enough?

Tattooing and Body Piercing | State Laws, Statutes and Regulation

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) breaks down the laws on tattoos and body piercings state by state. Generally, the law states that you may receive a tattoo if you are 18 years or older. Most states allow a person under 18 to receive a tattoo, with permission from a parent or guardian, but there are also states where this is forbidden. Make sure to search the state where you will be receiving the tattoo to see which law applies!

Do You Have Enough Money?

9 Ways To Save Up For A Tattoo Because Quality Ink Is Pricey

Depending on the size, placement, and the artist of your tattoo, the cost can vary tremendously. It is a good idea to start saving early, so that when the perfect opportunity comes along, you are ready. In this article, author Alexa Tucker gives the reader some tips on different ways to save up for the tattoo of your dreams.

Welcome to A Guide to Your First Tattoo!



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Common Tattoo Terms You Should Know

Aftercare - The process of caring for your healing tattoo after it is on your body

Artist - Shortened term for a tattoo artist, the person who tattoos you

Client - What tattoo artists call people who are receiving a tattoo

Flash - Pre-designed images usually found in a collection of images on paper or in a binder.  They are sometimes used to help clients understand a certain tattoo style or to give the client or artist a template to create a custom tattoo.

Inked - A slang term for someone who has tattoos

Piece - A slang term for a tattoo

Shop - A place where a select group of tattoo artists work and allow for walk-in tattoo sessions

Studio - A place where one tattoo artist or a small collective of tattoo artists work, typically on appointment-only custom tattoos