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An Introduction to Film/Television & Media Studies: Welcome

Interested in Drexel's Film and TV Production Major?

The Film & Television major offers a balance of technical craft and artistic vision that prepares students to pursue professional careers in the Film and TV industries. The program is hands-on with core themes driving each year: Story, Voice, Professional Practice, and Implementation. There is also substantial coursework in screenwriting and film studies.

This highly competitive program, with only sixty-four freshmen accepted annually, features smaller classes that foster student-faculty interaction and mentoring, as well as ample access to excellent equipment. The unique Drexel co-op and Los Angeles Summer Programs enhance education by providing students with professional employment experience.

The Film & Television program also offers minors in Film Studies and Video Production.

For more information about this program, contact the program director:

Tom Quinn
Film & Television
Department of Cinema and Television
Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design

Media Studies from A to Z

To Film School, or Not To Film School

Should you go to film school? Great question? But there aren't necessarily a lot of direct answers. Do you want to go to Hollywood? Do you want to make movies in your spare time? Do you want to learn about world cinema? Do you want to be a director? A cinematographer? An editor? Do you want to pay for tuition? All of these questions can help you figure it out, but today Lily Gladstone will talk us through a few important things to keep in mind when deciding if film school may be right for you!

Even if you're looking to go into the academic side of film studies, you'll hear a lot about film school. This Crash Course and PBS collaboration is just one video out of an entire series on film production that answers a myriad of film studies-related questions -- not the least of which is whether film school (or a tv/film & media studies major!) is right for you. 

Meet Your Librarian

About Your Librarian & This Guide

Olivia is a marketing manager by day and MSLIS student by night, with the hours in between spent enjoying literary puns, watching a lot of bad television, and spending time with her significant other and their two cats. 

In the spirit of balancing out her penchant for terrible television, this librarian would like to provide you with an introduction to the field of film/television & media studies, opportunities this field can bring you, and some recommended readings. 

Happy researching!

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