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American Historical Sights to See in Paris: Sights by Arrondissement

Great for family field trips and school reports.

What Is an Arrondissement?

The city of Paris is divided into administrative districts called "Arrondissements". There are 20 in total with Arrondissement 1 set in the middle of Paris and the others spiraling outward around it.  The pattern is often compared to the chambers of a nautilus shell.

Click on the drop-down tabs in the above menu (under "Sights by Arrondissement")  for the arrondissement you would like to explore, or learn more about the Paris Arrondissements in the link and video below.

Arrondissements Explained

• Guide to the Arrondissements (Districts in Paris) 

This link gives a quick, easy explanation of the arrondissements of Paris, plus additional information on general sights to see in each.



Image of the Paris Arrondissments and their “Nautilus Shell” arrangement courtesy of Culture Passport.


Arrondissement Video

The Paris Mayor has proposed redrawing the district map of Paris.  This news story combines culture, history and politics plus throws in a French "word of the day."