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American Historical Sights to See in Paris: Arrondissement 16

Great for family field trips and school reports.

45 rue d'Auteil: Two American Presidents Lived Here.

At 45 rue d'Auteil, you'll find a plaque written in French that approximately translates as: "In this residence there lived from August 1784 to May 1785: John Adams, the second President of the United States ( 1797-1801), one of the founders of independence and also his son John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States (1825-1829)."  

Although John Quincy Adams was a boy accompanying his father during the 10 months that he lived at this location, the French honor that he too grew up to be a U.S. president.



John Adams, 1823-24 Second President of the US,

painting by Gilbert Stuart via Wikimedia Commons


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The Corner of rue Raynouard and rue Singer - Benjamin Franklin's French Residence and Site of France's First Lightening Rod

At this corner is a plaque that reads, "Here stood the Hôtel de Valentinois where Benjamin Franklin lived from 1777-1785 and where he installed the first lightening rod in France."  In Franklin's time, this neighborhood, called Passy, was a separate town outside the official Paris city border.  The perimeter of Paris expanded over time overtaking small border towns like it is a posh Parisian neighborhood. 

Franklin was well know in France for his science and publishing before he arrived.  Always attempting to speak French and finding favor in the French royal courts, Franklin eventually became the United States of America's first ambassador to France. 

Read about Franklin's reputation among the French and his diplomatic accomplishments:

Franklin in a Fur Cap, Painting by Isaacson via Wikimedia Commons.

Benjamin Franklin surrounded by the ladies of the Royal French Court, titled in French as "Benjamin Franklin à la Cour de France," painted by Willam Overend Geller via Wikimedia Commons.

Title page of Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, originally published in French by Buisson, Paris via Wkimedia Commons.

Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky by Benjamin West, Philadelphia Museum of Arts via Wikimedia Commons.