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American Historical Sights to See in Paris: Scout Activites in Paris

Great for family field trips and school reports.

American Scouting Activities in Paris

USA Girl Scouts Overseas Paris offer a Paris souvenir patch plus several Paris-themed activity patches available for purchase. Before buying the activity patches, scouts must print off and complete corresponding activity workbooks.  The activity workbook for the "Two Nations, One Friendship" patch contains pictures and brief historical summaries of interesting Franco-American historical sights. It is easy to use it as a mini-guidebook.  Instructions on sending payment and receiving the patches by mail are included in this link:


The Boy Scouts of America offer guides for historical hikes all over Europe.  Their "Paris, France Historic Trail" is a whopping 17 kilometer (10.5 miles) route through Paris to discover 22 historic checkpoints. Have a Cub Scout or Boy Scout? Page 35 of the guide lists badge requirements that are completed by hiking the trail and answering a worksheet of questions. Weather you go for the full hike or pare it down to key points, print off and take the historic guide with you as it too makes a handy mini-guidebook.

This first link below goes straight to the BSA field guide for the Paris Historic Trail.  The second link goes to the page for all the BSA historic hike field guides for Europe.