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American Historical Sights to See in Paris: Food

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Le Procope: Franklin, Jefferson and Jones Ate Here


Le Procope claims the title of, "France's Oldest Cafe," meaning, it was the very first place to set up tables and chairs and sell coffee in France.  These days, it is a restaurant with a menu full of French classics and rooms decorated with the likes of a hat that belonged to Napoleon and a bust of Benjamin Franklin.  Patrons are welcome to sit for a simple cup of coffee and take in the historiacal ambiance.  Don't be fooled by the white table cloths and fancy silverware, kids are welcome!  To eat inside the restaurant, it's best to make a reservation and avoid the disappointment of being turned away.  If arriving last minute, they may be able to squeeze you into the terrace area, or if you're very lucky, at a table inside.  Better to make the reservation.  Read more about Le Procope's A-List of French and American diners, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Paul Jones in the links below:

John Paul Jones, Father of the American navy, Gifted a Fleet of Ships by the French

Frequented Spots of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway, Paris, 1929

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Hemingway and Paris are double iconic. Read about the Pulitzer Prize winning author's life in Paris and the eating establishments he frequented.

Eating Etiquette

The idea of eating a meal, ie: lunch, at any given time of the day doesn't really exist in France.  The French have set hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Between mealtimes, it's possible to find places serving "snacks".  A snack might be a crepe, a bowl of French onion soup, a "croque monsieur" (French version of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich)... so you won't starve if you don't make it into a restaurant exactly between 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm for lunch.  Here are some quick tips to help negotiate some other differences you will find eating when eating in Paris:

Kids Try French Pastries

Top 10 things to Eat in Paris




  • Goldfein, S. (2019) Le Procope Cafe and Ice Cream Sign. Posteded with permission.


  • Goldfein, S. (2019) Le Procope Stairwell. Posted with permission.