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An Introduction to DIY Zines: What is a Zine?

This guide will teach users about DIY zines, where to find them, and how to make your own!

What is a zine?

Zines (pronouned "zeens") are handmade mini-magazines that can be about any topic you want from feminism to science to comic books.  Anyone can make a zine with everyday materials like a pen, paper, scissors and stapler.  Zines are usually reproduced using a copy machine.  Zines are great creative outlets for kids, teens, and folk of all ages. 

Zine gallery from my personal collection

Reading with Libraries Podcast Episode 409: Zines

This episode from Reading with Libraries Podcast is a great introduction to zines and their relation to libraries and archives.

Current Zine Enthusiast/Future Librarian

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am a current MSLIS student at Drexel University.  I have been reading, making and collecting zines since 2009.  My favorite zine topics are feminism, music, and food.  From 2012-2015 I wrote and published zines as part of the Asbury Park Feminist Collective, including a Women's History Month Zine which was added to the Barnard Zine Library collection. Throughout my work in library programming I have presented a variety of zine workshops for children and young adults including at New Jersey Maker's Day. 

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