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Magic the Gathering-A Guide: The basics. How to play.

This guide will enable new players young and old and help them jump head first into the world of Magic the Gathering. This guide will provide a list of rules, formats, where to play, and everything in between to ignite your spark!

Meet the librarian

My name is Edward. I am a student at Drexel University going for my masters in information science. I have played Magic since 1999 and have taught Magic to several of my friends and to complete strangers just the same. I've played in countless events both casual and competitive over the course of my "career" playing Magic and now hope to pass that knowledge off to you!

How to play (basics!)

Sponsored by Magic the Gatherings' official YouTube channel, this video will show you the basics of gameplay. Here, you will learn all the very basic aspects of the game and parts of a turn.

Parts of a card

Let's take a look at the individual elements that break down a card. In this video, you can see the various types of cards, what numbers and symbols mean, and in general, get a sense of what is going on with each type of card.


This link will take you to the Magic the Gathering's page containing a list of all the basic and comprehensive rules.

Where to start?!

This link will bring you to the Magic the Gathering homepage. More specifically, it will take you to a page designed for new players. Here, you can ask yourself questions like: do I want to play competitively or casually? Where can I buy cards? Where can I play? And much, much more!

New to Magic

Whether you've never played a trading card game before or your closet is filled with card games, Magic: The Gathering has something to offer you. Play online or in paper to experience the thrill of a wizards' duel. Explore 25 years' worth of stories, characters, and art.

Need help when playing?

Call a judge! What is a judge? A judge provides all the answers you need during any level event. Don't know how to properly cast that spell? Call a Judge. Need help remembering the turn steps? Call a judge. Here on Judge's Corner, a YouTube page ran exclusively by judges, gives you answers to these questions and more!