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Cross Stitch for Beginners: Home

An overall guide to enhancing your hobby of creating cross stitch designs on all kinds of fabric. From choosing floss, patterns to techniques and finishing your projects.


Welcome to a guide for Beginners's Cross Stitch! 

I am a full time Library Assistant with The Free Library of Philadelphia.  I am an avid reader, dog lover and baker.  In my spare time, I absolutely adore the calm and instructional peace of Cross Stitching.  This is perfect for those who love creating with their own two hands, rule following and gift giving.  I rely heavily on books acquired from my local library because it's free and I enjoy hands on techniques.  With the internet so readily available, I have begun to use it for E-Books, to view tutorials for techniques and questions that I can't find in the books and for ordering supplies.

This video from The Peacock & Fig is lengthy at 10 minutes but it's the quickest, to the point, informational video around!!


The Free Library of Philadelphia                       Amazon                   

Youtube                        Peacock&Fig               Hoopla


Books have the ability to enable a creative mind.  The top two listed here are some gems that I have borrowed from The Free Library of Philadelphia.  I ended up purchasing them because the information was invaluable to me.  Many people learn different ways so I have included a needlework example as well.  Mixing forms of embroidery and needlepoint is how we got the term Cross-Stitch. 



New formats allow us to both learn by listening and watching in the comfort of our own homes.  I enjoy this when the