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Guide to French Fashion from 1871 - 1914 (La Belle Epoque)

A resource guide featuring everything from the material culture, to the social implications of the fashion of this brief but beautiful era.

Further Reading


"Pimpernel", 1876, William Morris (Pimpernel, 2018).

Further Reading

Belle Epoque fashion had many influences, including designs found in other contemporary material culture, as well as influences from countries such as Turkey, Japan, China, Korea, India and more. These patterns and motifs were just as important in building the Belle Epoque image, and thus have been included here as reference. 

1.) 150 Full-Color Art Nouveau Patterns and Designs. (2013). North Chelmsford, MA: Courier Corporation.

Though most often found through the decorative arts (on upholstery, etc.) these patterns also appeared in fashion, as well as jewelry and accessories. 


2.) Martin, R. (2013). Orientalism: Visions of the east in western dress. New York City, NY: Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

This book breaks down the influences from the different countries that influenced the Belle Epoque of Paris – from Turkey to Japan. Though it covers other time periods, there is a significant amount of photography solely dedicated to the 1880-1915 period.