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Socialism in Latin America: Home

A Research Guide for Middle Grade Students

Socialism in Latin America

This guide will help you to find electronic and print sources for research on the history of Socialism in Latin America. You can find the list of countries that have strong socialist influences in modern history, once operated under a socialist political system, or currently has a socialist party in power in the left column below Socialist ideologies you will find in these countries include democratic socialism, Chavism (or Chavismo), and Socialism of the 21st Century. (You will also find many references to "Marxism-Leninism" in your research. Please note that this is technically a communist ideology, but could be important in your historical research.)


The resources you find in this guide will help you locate primary and secondary sources of information on your chosen country's political history, important political figures, and their current political system/climate/party in power. 

Countries to choose from





Getting Started

Along the top of this page, you will find tabs that will help you find different types of electronic and print resources. The last tab will help you properly cite your sources. 

Remember: this guide is here to help you find sources - not find sources for you. You will need to use the databases and search engines on your own to find your appropriate sources.

Research Tips

  • Good research takes time. Remember to start early so that you have ample time to research before you begin writing your report. 
  • Read your resources as you find them and take notes. You might find some valuable information that will help you figure out what to research next. 
  • Ask for help! Find your librarian or teacher if you are having trouble finding appropriate sources for your report.