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International Peace Mission Movement

Background Information

The International Peace Mission Movement is a sectarian religious movement started by Father Divine, a man who claimed to be God. The Movement originated in New York, New York and eventually moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after the Movement began experiencing problems with New York officials. Father Divine, the prime figure in the movement, developed around him a celibate, racially integrated, economically sufficient, and communitarian religious movement. Father Divine remains a mystery and enigmatic to historians, his year of birth is denied by the Peace Mission.




Father Divine was first married to Peninniah from approximately 1882 until Peninniah's death in 1943. Soon after Father Divine married Edna Rose Ritchings, also known as Sweet Angel and Mother Divine, whom Father Divine claimed to be the reincarnation of his first wife. Upon the death of Father Divine in 1965, Mother Divine took over as the Movements spiritual leader until her death in 2017.


International Peace Mission Movement

The International Modest Code as written by Father Divine.

International Peace from Father and Mother Divine

Mother Divine

Mother Divine on her wedding anniversary

Father Divine