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Building a PC: A Beginner's Guide: Home

This guide aims to teach people that have zero experience on how to build a PC.


Welcome to the guide on learning how to build a PC. This guide is for people that want to build a PC but has zero knowledge and experience on how to build one, but it can also serve as a refresher course to experienced PC builders! In this guide, you will learn about the different components that computers have and how to identify them as well as how to build a PC yourself!

Can I Really Build a PC?

Yes of course! For first-timers, the idea of building a computer from the ground up can seem very intimidating, but building a PC is one of the most interesting and satisfying projects one can take, and it's really not that hard at all!  Anyone can build a PC once they learned the ropes and have a basic knowledge of computer parts and how a computer operates, and that's what this guide is for!

What to Expect: A Message to First-time Builders

A lot of people think that building a PC is just a matter of snapping together a few parts, but that's not really the case. Building a computer actually takes a lot of things into consideration other than just physically assembling the hardware. For first-time builders, there are a few things that you probably need to think about before you start the process of building a PC:

  • Building a PC (especially for first-time builders) takes research, time, patience, and a willingness to deal with a lot of unexpected issues. It is recommended for first-timers to take a look at your current existing PCs and to have a sense of what the environment inside of a PC looks like. Beginners can also start from some easier tasks like replacing a hard drive for your current PC to get a sense of what building a PC would feel like.
  • Think about what are you going to use this PC for once the build is complete. Is this a gaming PC? Or is this a productivity machine? The use case of your PC might determine your parts of choice when you deciding on your PC's components.
  • For beginner builders, there are bound to be sometimes during the process of building a PC where you might think you mind as well just bought a pre-built PC. Trust me, once you're finished your build, all the hard work will be worth it!

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