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Mycenaean Greece

A brief introduction to diagnostic features and several sites

Tiryns Resources

1.  Papademetriou, A. (2001). Tiryns: A guide to the history and archaeology. Athens: Hesperos Editions.

A good general resource for those interested in the site of Tiryns. It provides a solid foundation of knowledge to build on with further research.

2. Zangger, E. (1994). Landscape Changes around Tiryns during the Bronze Age. American Journal of Archaeology,98(2), 189. doi:10.2307/506635

This journal article provides good information on the Bronze Age landscape around Tiryns, a sight that was once within 100 meters of the ocean. It serves as a good source of information for the important subject of Bronze Age landscape archaeology.

3. Balcer, J. M. (1974). The Mycenaean Dam at Tiryns. American Journal of Archaeology,78(2), 141. doi:10.2307/502798

This journal article examines the massive infrastructure project that is the Tiryns' dam. This work provides detailed information on the project and also will inform the reader on many aspects of Mycenaean Palatial control and other massive infrastructure projects of the period.

Tiryns Summary

According to legend Tiryns is the oldest citadel in the Peloponnese. Tiryns sits on a low rocky outcrop (27m)  near the innermost cove of the Argolid Gulf, during ancient times only 1km from the sea. Starting in LH IIIA- LH IIIB the fortification of the site was completed creating the most fortified Mycenaean site. The walls are 725m in length with stones weighing up to 14,000kg utilized and at points being 17m thick (although averaging 7-8m). The citadel had a principle gate on it's east side and a postern gate on its west side. To reach the upper citadel there is a second gate, from which a street leads to a propylon which opens into the palace. The main palace consisted of a megaron with courtyards and many side rooms (including a bathroom). The Lower City (Unterburg) followed a single plan with on road running north to south lined by buildings with two cisterns built into the walls.

Tiryns Images

Tiryns Aerial View
Tiryns Citadel Plan
Tiryns Walls
Tiryns Gallery