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Creating Videos for Online Distribution: Home

This guide will connect you with video tutorials, eBooks, and magazine articles that will help you create professional and dynamic videos for online distribution.


Software and Hardware Recommendations

Apple-Only Video Editors

Collaborative Tools

Teachers and Trainers

Editing Software for Multiple Operating Systems

Windows-Only Video Editors

Specific Equipment

Sound Design

Video Tutorials

Microsoft PowerPoint

While many people have used Microsoft PowerPoint to create slides for presentations, they may not be familiar with its video production capabilities. PowerPoint allows users to create video presentations with audio as well as picture-in-picture video of the presenter if desired. These features do not require the use of screen capture software. Additionally, PowerPoint allows videos to be embedded within presentations. This feature can be used creatively when using PowerPoint to create video presentations.  These courses cover PowerPoint 2019 and PowerPoint 365, the online version of the software. The user interface for each version is slightly different, so individuals should select courses for the version they intend to use. 

Video Production Overviews and Film Theory


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