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A Guide To British Royal Weddings from Queen Victoria to Meghan Markle: Home

For avid Anglophiles and royal-watchers alike, learn more about the Royal Family and their weddings!

God Save the Queen!

British Royal Weddings have captured our imaginations for centuries. The pomp and circumstance, the blushing bride, the smiling groom. For a day we get to live in a fairytale. But what are the reasons for traditions? How have the weddings changed throughout the years? We'll look at Royal Weddings starting with Queen Victoria and traveling to the present day.

As you read through, citations are included at the end of text, image, or video.

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Meet Your Librarian

Hello! My name is Grace Wenzel and you can see me above in January 2010, just a year and six months before the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton. Watching that wedding at 4am with my sisters and mom was when my fascination with the British Royal Family and their weddings began. Hope you enjoy some history, cheers!