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A Journey Through Books for Young Adults: Home

This guide includes reviews, booktalks, and some helpful thoughts on Young Adult books (with a focus on Chick Lit)!

What is young adult (YA) literature?

Young Adult (or YA) Fiction is literature written for students ages 13-18.

YA Literature are novels and stories that are focused on adolescents and adolescent-based issues and adventures.

The themes of the stories are mostly focused on the challenges that youths face in their daily lives.

How do I write a book review?

Example of book review

What is a booktalk?

Booktalk: Example of What TO Do and What NOT to Do

Meet the Librarian

About the Librarian & This LibGuide

Brennan is a High School Teacher/Librarian in Pennsylvania. During the school day she goes by Ms. T. Brennan is in her fifth quarter of Drexel's Masters Program in Library Science. Through this site, you can experience several different genres of young adult (YA) literature through book reviews, booktalks, and writings from one librarian's perspective.

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