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Getting Started with Visual Art

If you are interested in taking your first steps into the world of art, this guide is for you.

Welcome to Getting Started with Visual Art


As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, art is "the expression or application of creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting, drawing, or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."¹


This guide will not be comprehensive. There is a whole world of art out there! Instead, we will be looking at three particular forms: drawing, painting, and printmaking. 

Each section is further divided into several sub-sections:

  • General Information: Resources that explore the form and its history.
  • Famous Artists: Several artists that are particularly known for their work with the form
  • Learning the Form: Books that can help you begin learning the form
  • The Gallery: At the bottom of the page will be a moving gallery of relevant artwork

Lastly, the Next Step section provides links to places you can hone your artistic skills and attend workshops. As well there are links to several excellent Art Museums worth visiting.

Note: This guide pools resources from Drexel University, the Free Library of Philadelphia, Montgomery County Library & Information Network Consortium (MCLINC), and POWER Library.


On the tab to your left are sections for drawing, painting, and printmaking.  Choose whichever interests you the most and start exploring! Something to keep in mind is that most art forms involve drawing to some degree, so looking it over may be worthwhile.


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