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The Development of Chinatown: Philadelphia & Beyond

An exploration of why Chinatown formed, who it serves, and where it is today
Hello! It's your friendly neighborhood librarian. Welcome to this resource guide. Chinatown holds special interest for me because one of my best friends is, like me, a first-generation American. Though many of her family members escaped political turmoil by living in Vietnam, she is ethnically Chinese. Stories like hers are intertwined with our country's cultural landscape, and certainly Philadelphia's. No two families share the same story.
Right now, there are some big-picture conversations going on about the function of "ethnic neighborhoods." It's important for people to see these places in context, before making blanket judgments or deciding how these spaces will evolve. I hope you find this content useful, and maybe even inspiring. 
To get started, use the navigation menu on your left. But, before you do, please take a moment to appreciate Chinatown's beautiful entrance by exploring the links below. :)
Chinatown entrance gate (street level view)

© Alec Rogers 

Chinatown entrance gate (architectural detail shot)

© Alec Rogers 


Note: All images in this guide belong to their respective copyright owners and are being used solely for educational purposes, in compliance with the "fair use" concept of the U.S. Copyright Act, Section 107. References refer to images and other files retrieved by the guide author, rather than electronic databses/aggregators (as is the case with book cover art). 
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Rogers, A. (n.d.). Untitled [Chinatown gate, street view] [Photograph found in Association for Public Art, Philadelphia]. Retrieved June 6, 2019, from (Originally photographed 2015).