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LGBTQ+ Teen Resources in the Merrimack Valley: Home


This guide was created to provide LGBTQ+ teens, allies, and their families with resources in the Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as in surrounding areas. Here, you will find information about safe spaces for LGBTQ+ teens and allies, information about local  advocacy groups, resources for families, and other information about  LGBTQ+ resources for teens and their families.

Safe Spaces

Below are resources and safe spaces for LGBTQ+ teens and allies in and around the Merrimack Valley region. These groups are open, affirming, and accepting of the various needs of LGBTQ+ communities.


Advocacy Groups

Below are advocacy groups in and around the Merrimack Valley region that support LGBTQ+ causes.

Family Resources

Below are resources for families of LGBTQ+ teens in the Merrimack Valley Region and surrounding areas. These resources help families come to terms with the sexual and gender identities of their loved ones and help them become better allies to LGBTQ+ communities.


More Information

Below is more information concerning LGBTQ+ teens. Here you will find information about issues unique to LGBTQ+ people, information about LGBTQ+ friendly or unfriendly groups, further information about how to advocate for LGBTQ+ communities, and other information for LGBTQ+ teens,  allies, and their families.