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Methods of Chinese Cataloging: Home

This guide hopes to help those with no familiarity with Chinese characters understand how to search through various cataloging systems.


Before You Begin:

Why Examine Chinese Cataloging Systems:
     One of the oldest writing systems in the world - written Chinese - has recently had momentous developments which have helped to dramatically open up information from the world's largest population to the international community in ways never seen before.

     It is my hope that this guide can inspire not only those who understand written Chinese and want to dive into Chinese collections more deeply, but can also spark the creativity of data scientists to think about the possibilities that exist in how we organize and retrieve data.

About the Librarian:

     My B.A. in Asian Studies came from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and I also attained a minor in business. While in school, I heavily focused on learning about China and studying Mandarin Chinese while also taking advanced Spanish language classes, which I learned to speak while living in Florida. I also received two certifications during my time as an undergraduate in (1) Chinese Studies and (2) Asian Globalization and Latin American Relations. Currently, I am graduate student at Drexel University in Philadelphia and am studying Library Sciences

     Upon graduating from FIU, I began working as an English teacher for immigrants and refugees at various private language schools. After moving to New Jersey, in 2019, I then transitioned from teaching languages to working in an archival institution at Princeton, New Jersey.


East Asian Collections in the US:

A following list, provided by the Council on East Asian LibrariesCEAL (2017), names the various East Asian Collections found in the US.