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A Guide to Cat Adoption: Home

Will a cat be your next companion?

Cute Cats

Will a cat be your next companion?

These are just a few pictures of cute cats - your next companion could be out there looking adorable now!

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A Guide to Cat Adoption

Welcome to A Guide to Cat Adoption! This LibGuide is for any prospective (or current) cat owner looking for more information on cat adoption, cat care, and more.

There are cats in need of a good home across the country, but before deciding to adopt a cat, you must decide if you will be able to provide a good, loving home. Understanding the realities and potential difficulties of cat ownership is important and can prevent the heartbreak of having to give up a cat. This guide is to introduce potential cat owners to the basics and provide resources on how to care for a cat, how to find a veterinarian, and what to do if you or someone in your home has cat allergies.

Is a cat right for you? Are you right for a cat?